My name is Ross. I’m a freelance writer, designer and photographer.

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By day I research and write articles, features and reports. At night I take photos and write fiction.

My beat is mostly green tech and financial services (particularly insurance, also personal finance). On the management side, I tend to write green papers, strategy decks and investor pitches.

Because of my 30+ year career in consulting and management, I also spend a fair bit of time talking with and advising growing companies, especially when it comes to operations.

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I’m a published columnist and writer. I’ve written industry guide books, investment reports, short stories and countless articles and columns. Although my style tends to be conversational, I consider myself more of a journalist than a blogger as everything is thoroughly researched and referenced before words are put on a page.

Best compliment from an editor: we don’t have to edit your work because your copy’s always clean.

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Once I’ve written a report or paper, I also take on the editorial design. My skill set includes creating PDFs for download or to go off to printers, ePub format for reading on Kindles and iPads, Keynote / PowerPoint if you want to present it and single page microsites.

I’m skilled in the dark arts of WordPress, having used it for more than a decade, and am a dab hand with HTML, CSS and PHP.

My interest in art and graphic design also comes in handy. Inspiration comes from constructivism, early Soviet Avant Garde and mid-century styles.

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I’m often found wandering the streets of Japan with a FujiFilm X-T20 in hand and a confused look on my face.

My main style is candid, particularly street photography. I also maintain skills in product photography, which is useful for my professional work. Left to my own devices, I love portraiture, which is something I plan on doing more of during 2023.

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My career’s spanned three decades. Much of it has been in consulting roles: either for agencies or freelance.

Companies I’ve worked with and for include:

  • IBM
  • Aon
  • BNP Paribas
  • Genworth
  • GWR
  • Drax Group
  • ORM
  • Computasoft
  • BIBA.

In all I’ve worked on nearly 100 projects and assignments over the past 30 years.

My photography and written works have appeared in

  • The Daily Telegraph
  • Insurance Times
  • Company Digest
  • Insurance Age
  • Asian Woman
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Cardif Pinnacle

and many other trade magazines and newsletters.

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For a confidential, no-obligation chat drop me a line in the form below.